The Virtual “Mask”erade Ball

Sunday, March 14th, 2021 @ 6:30 PM


2020 Annual Awards Ceremony

starring: The 19th  Leadership Award, The 16th Henry D. Smith Vision, 2020 Agent of the Year, The 18th Annual Bulldog, and The 20th President’s Eagle

Directed by

The Rose Boys at Diversified

Edited & Produced by

Dahvid Mercado-Hastings

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Indulge in a 1 hour and 30 minute live-stream celebration with the Diversified Family.


Thanks for masking.

2020 was certainly a challenging year for all of us – COVID changed our “normal” way of life almost instantaneously. For the first time ever, Diversified transitioned its agents and employees to work remotely from home. During this time, a lot of businesses suffered or closed – but for Diversified, it was the opposite: Employees kept their jobs, and our organization actually grew in size. From March to October alone, we contracted 30+ new agents and employees from all over the country to join The Diversified Family and literally hundreds through our downline relationships.  Our office has since re-opened its doors while our team members have the flexibility to continue working remotely for their safety. Open Zoom and look at all of the new names and faces we have here today!

We couldn’t have done it without our growing partnership with the entire Centene Corporation, including WellCare, Allwell, HealthNet and Fidelis!  Not to mention, One Life America and Columbian Financial Group.

Mask and you shall receive!

The awards this year are given to members of our organization who, even amidst a global pandemic, showed exceptional performance in 2020. Congratulations to all the recipients across all departments who contributed greatly to Diversified’s ongoing success!

Tonight’s Entertainment: The Masked Singers

Don’t mask, don’t tell – when attending our live-stream Maskerade Ball, our hope that your virtual experience will be easy, interactive and entertaining. We have a varied program of professional entertainment for our masked guests. Stay tuned for a series of original videos and skits from yours truly, The Rose Boys!

One mask time.

We appreciate all of you taking the time out of your Sunday evening to join us for this virtual celebration. The Awards Ceremony is something incredibly unique and special to our organization, and it saddens us to not be with you all in person this year – but your health and safety will always take priority. The Diversified Family prays for anyone who has lost a friend or family member to COVID.

We have high hopes for 2022 as things are looking up – our country is beginning to heal, and life will regain a sense of normalcy as more time passes. Diversified will continue to grow bigger and stronger in the meantime!

Mask but not least:

May the best mask win! Post a photo in your mask on Diversified’s Facebook page with the hashtag, #DivMaskeradeBall to enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! The post with the most likes wins! (Friends and family members are also welcomed to participate).

If you choose not to take part in the Best Mask competition, please share any other pictures from tonight’s event with the hashtag #DivMaskeradeBall, and give Diversified a follow @TheDiversified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! (Gabby would really appreciate it!)

You masked for it! (Timeline of events)

Appointment Setters

Many people have a hand in the appointment booking process, but we just want to take a moment to highlight this special group of people.  Every day, they spend hours on the phone, doing what they do best to make sure Diversified excels. 

​In 2020, Diversified’s appointment setters booked a whopping total of 13,191 appointments.  These appointments led to thousands of submitted applications.  Our appointment setters make up half of the staff in this office; and we are thankful to call each and every one of them family.

If you know someone who is Flexible, Adaptable and Trainable that is looking to better their career, feel free to share this opportunity with them.

Sales Achievement

This award recognizes those individuals who have partnered with Diversified in   making a positive impact as employees, clients or associates.  This award rewards those agents who have not yet qualified for our Leader or President’s Clubs, but have demonstrated that they are part of the Diversified Sales Team.  We look forward to their growth in the future.

Leaders Club Award

This club was established to recognize those agents who have issued and paid a minimum of $100,000 of Final Expense premium in one year, and/or those that have submitted a minimum of 150 Health Applications.

The President’s Club Award

This honor was established in 1999.  One qualifies for this club by placing a minimum of $125,000 of premium and/or issuing 250 health applications in one year. The qualifier receives a plaque for each year he or she qualifies.  In the second year, they receive a ring and a diamond is added to the ring every year that he or she qualifies.  Here at Diversified, this is not just an award.  It is a status.  An agent who is part of the President’s Club has proven that he or she is dedicated to their career.

The 2020 Agent of the Year

This award recognizes the representative who has submitted the most premium in the company throughout the year.  The 2019 recipient was Mr. Randy Wilcox ‘19.

The 16th Annual Living the Vision Award

This award recognizes one individual who has completely espoused his or herself to Diversified’s Vision of making a positive impact on the lives of its associates, employees and clients as we grow together as partners.

2005 – Mr. Henry Smith ‘03
2006 – Mr. L. Zuniga ‘06
2007 – Mr. John Padua ‘01
2008 – Mr. R. F. Williams ‘04
2009 – Mr. Mark Wallis ‘06
2010 – Mr. Djuandi Saat ‘04
2011 – Ms. K. Goodman ‘10
2012 – Mr. G. S. McIntyre ‘12
2013 – Mr. Shane Gore ‘13
2014 – Ms. Tiffany Wallace
2015 – Ms. Nancy Arroyo
2016 – Mr. Jonathon Rubio
2017 – Mr. Andrew Rowen ‘18
2018 – Ms. Jeannette Stoveken
2019 – Mrs. Heidi Tevald

The 19th Annual Leadership Award

Each year, the Agency Directors choose a person who they feel has significantly contributed to our growth through his or her leadership, dedication, professionalism and overall positive team attitude. This award was started in 2002, when the Agency Director’s chose to present it to Mr. Michael J. Rose, Sr. ’99.

2003 – Mr. James Mulligan
2004 – Mr. Justin Pelletier
2005 – Mr. Djuandi Saat ‘04
2006 – Mr. T. Platt, Jr. ‘10
2007 – Mr. Mark Wallis ‘06
2008 – Mr. L. Zuniga ‘06
2009 – Mr. Jeff Arroyo ‘09
2010 – Mr. Roy F. Williams ‘04
2011 – Mr. Jeff Arroyo ‘09
2012 – Ms. K. Goodman ‘10
2013 – Mr. G. S. McIntyre ‘12
2014 – Mr. Shane Gore ’13
2015 – Mr. Aziz Adetimirin ‘15
2016 – Ms. Nichole T. Moore ‘17
2017— Mr. Laurence Martin
2018 – Mr. John Morris
2019 – Mr. Andrew Rowen ‘18

The 18th Annual Bulldog Award

This award was established to acknowledge the agent who consistently gives his or her all without ever giving up. The bulldog will do whatever it takes, no matter what hardships or struggles he or she endures.

Past Recipients are:

2003 – Mr. Len Green ‘04
2004 – Mr. Louis Perez ‘03
2005 – Mr. Gerald Susi
2006 – Mr. Andy Saat ‘03
2007 – Mr. D. Gosselin ‘03
2008 – Mr. R. Ferguson, Jr.
2009 – Mr. A. Jacob ’03
2010 – Mr. M. J. Rose, Sr. ‘99
2012 – Mr. Jeffrey Arroyo ‘09
2013 – Mr. W. R. Jaeckel ‘08
2014 – Mr. Aziz Adetimirin ‘15
2015 – Ms. Suzanna Gonzalez ‘15
2016 – Mr. Greg S. McIntyre ‘12
2017 – Ms. Maria Fustaneo ‘11
2018 – Ms. Donna Caira ‘18
2019 – Mr. Seth Fenn ‘19

The 20th President’s Eagle

This is the most prestigious award one can receive at Diversified. This award is to be distributed by Mr. Michael J. Rose, Sr. ’99, CEO & Founder. The recipients have demonstrated that they have made their passion and dedication to the growth of Diversified, their own. They are the reason we are here today.

Past Recipients are:

2001 – Mr. Jeffrey K. Collins ‘99
2002 – Mr. Mark J. Szafman ‘02
2003 – Mr. Anthony Rose ‘02
2004 – Mr. Akram F. Jacob ‘03
2005 – Mrs. Ronnie Rose ‘99
2006 – Mr. Azariah Edwards ‘01
2007 – Mr. Djuandi Saat ‘04
2008 – Mr. Michael J. Rose, Jr. ‘04
2009 – Mr. John Padua ‘01
2010 – Mr. Mark Wallis ‘06
2011 – Ms. Dominika Kowina
2012 – Mr. Henry D. Smith ‘03
2013 – Mr. Roy F. Williams ‘04
2014 – Mr. Lizandro M. Zuniga ‘06
2015 – Mr. Daniel J. Rose ‘12
2016 – Ms. Kirsten C. Goodman ‘10
2017 – Ms. Nichole T. Moore ‘17
2018 – Mr. Gregory McIntyre ‘12
2019 – Ms. Maria Fustaneo ‘11