Medicare Advantage

Similar to a common health care insurance plan, medicare advantage plans are a great option for people that are looking to have additional benefits compared to just medicare basic paired with medicare plus options. The medicare advantage plans have many of the same features as medicare including medical coverage and long term savings, yet are priced at a premium. Often, seniors do not know about the benefits of this plan and simply agree to medicare basic coverage. The Diversified Family can help sift through the information surrounding these plans, and make sense of them for seniors and caregivers. These plans have plenty of advantages and disadvantages that should be thoroughly understood, before making a final selection.
Another benefit that seniors are entitled to once they reach a certain age and financial requirement is Social Security. This is a fixed amount that is paid monthly to seniors. With proper management, social security can help support a senior for the rest of his or her life. Creating solid Social Security plans for seniors early on can help set a person up for a lifetime of financial stability. The Diversified Family is well versed in creating individualized Social Security plans for seniors that cater to the particular person’s needs and interests. We take many factors into consideration when creating a customized plan to make sure that seniors are set up for success throughout their life. Talk to one of our knowledgeable experts today about creating an individualized plan and path to financial freedom for the rest of your life.
At Diversified, we are committed to making sure that every senior is getting all of the benefits they are entitled to. We reach out to see if we can help them, and to make sure that they are receiving all of the benefits they may be entitled to in regards to their Medicare benefits.

We have found that many seniors may not be taking advantage of all the benefits that Medicare Advantage has to offer them. Many times, they may be entitled to benefits at no cost to them at all, such as hearing, dental, and vision benefits.

Our representatives can determine whether or not seniors might be eligible for dental, hearing, vision, gym memberships, “Help I have fallen and I can’t get up!” mechanisms, and possibly even scholarships for their grandchildren. 

Our clients believe in our ability to meet their expectations while providing a valuable service. We will continue to strengthen our client partnerships by caring for their needs before ours.